Diana Adoma Consulting | Welcome to 100 Women $100 Million Project
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Welcome to 100 Women $100 Million Project


Collective Resources Empowering Women-Owned Businesses
The 100 Women-$100 Million Project is a team endeavor consisting of business solutions professionals, business consulting firms and business support organizations. The project was created and organized by Dr. Diane Adoma, principle at the Adoma Consulting Group, and Mrs. Annette Colbert Latham, principle at Visage Productions, Incorporated. Resources and support for the 100 Women/$100 Million Project are provided by SouthStar Capital, The Competitive Advantage Project, the Atlanta Black Chamber of Commerce and a host of other organizations. Our goal is to utilize our collective resources to empower women-owned businesses of all sizes to grow by working together. Our purpose is to help a minimum of 100 women owned companies to achieve a collective minimum of $100MM in new government contracts with local, state and federal agencies over the next two years. Our methods include creating strategic partnerships, set aside contract strategies, sub-contracting strategies, teaming opportunities, joint venture opportunities, multiple certifications approach and advanced contracting performance and compliance training. In addition, the team will provide ongoing training, administrative support, data management, outcomes measurement, business intelligence, access to funding, capture management, relationship building and brand management to facilitate a competitive advantage.

Below are pictures from the 2019 official soft launch with United States Small Business Administration leaders and key staff 2020 1st conference scheduled May 30 2020 and official launch

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